IBM Digital

Project Goal: a digital northstar for IBM to move from B2B to B2C in their e commerce offering.

My Role: Lead Design Strategist; Conducted user research, translated insights to key features, developed and expanded personas, designed key user flows.

The Big Idea: From Enterprise to Individual

With the advent of cloud computing and the digital marketplace shifting to a self service paradigm, the traditional IBM model of high touch B2B sales was limiting their reach and competitive edge. In order to compete in a new consumer driven landscape, IBM required their own paradigm shift providing a new digital purchasing experience that would resonate with individuals yet remain accessible to both large and small scale customers.


Product Definition Driven by a User Centered Process

Brand Promise

Project North Star will deliver a world-class digital buying experience. THE online ecosystem will offer IBM customers a consistent and unified marketplace that allows them to find, explore and purchase products with remarkable efficiency.

Consumer Promise

IBM Northstar empowers me. I can rapidly find the products and services I need and the system even anticipates my future requirements, serving up information that’s relevant to my goals. It's a feature rich experience without comprimising consistency and ease of use."

After implementing Northstar, traffic to the cloud marketplace increased by 3x